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为什么没有送文科的讲义 明显文科更需要吧 客服老师居然要我自己打印 文科妹子表示很不爽

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给大家推介 修炼爱情,天后 ,lets not fall in love ,bang bang bang,imagine me without you,不再见,处q友吧2357406296

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The Change began. This was a process repeated everytwenty–four hours. The whole world started to turn. The sound of steel andmasonry foldin... 全文

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Peng Li sighed again. He could see it was useless to try to dissuade Lao Dao. He was old enough to feel lazy and tired of everything, but he... 全文

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Peng Li took Lao Dao upstairs into his apartment. His ordinary, single–occupancy public housing unit was sparsely furnished: Six square mete... 全文

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At ten of five in the morning, Lao Dao crossed the busy pedestrian lane on his way to find Peng Li.清晨4:50,老刀穿过熙熙攘攘的步行街,去找彭蠡。 After the end o... 全文

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